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Best Emcee

Linda Chase

Best: Neighborhood

Puertas del Sol

Best: Park

Parque el Paraiso

Best: Place of worship

International Christian Community, Nicanor Aguilar (behind Hospital Monte Sinai)

Best: Radio station

Not enough votes

Best: Street name


Best: View of the city


Best: Caterer

Double D’s Delights, doubledsdelightscuenca@gmail.com 096 802 2545

Best: Chef

Giovanni Cambizaca, Le Petit Jardin, 096 819 1518, lepetitjardinecuador@outlook.com

Best: Dog park

Parque De la Madre

Best: Local blog or blogger


Best: Local hero

Dr. Pablo Salomea - Helping Kids in Ecuador

Best: Bartender

Frank Gonzales

Best: Swimming pool

Piedra de Agua, Baños

Best: Volunteer opportunity

Cuenca Soup Kitchen

Best: Vendor

Double D's Delights

Best: Workshop


Best: Weekend Feria

Not enough votes

Best: Solo musician

Luis Ullauri

Best: Public event

Cuenca Symphony Orchestra performances

Best: Public art

Cuenca Murals

Best: Place to watch a film

La Guarida, Mariscal Lamar y Louis Pauta

Best: Place to take out-of-town guests


Best: Place to meet a blind date

Inca bar

Best: Place to catch some rays

Parque de la Madre

Best: Place for people-watching

Parque Calderon

Best: Place for a romantic stroll

Along the Tomebamba

Best: Place for a birthday party

La Patit Jardin

Best: Picnic spot

Banks of the Yanuncay or Tomebamba

Best: Night out with friends

Dinner at Le Petit Jardin

Best: Music venue

Not enough votes

Best: Local Pool Hall

Sharks Club, Miguel Morocho y Jose Astudillo

Best: Museum


Best: Local artist

Alberto Sorriano, IdiomART

Best: Local Entertainer

Luis Ullauri singer/guitarrist

Best: Healthcare Provider

Dra. Maite Depreeuw 098-212-3992 maite.depreeuw@gmail.com

Best: Handyman

Emilio Morocho, 098 699 5694, emiliodriver@hotmail.com

Best: Historic building

New Cathedral

Best: Hiking guide

Orlando Siguenza

Best: Hiking trail

Cajas trail #1

Best: Guilty pleasure

Double D's Delights

Best: Fishing guide

Not enough votes

Best: Fishing hole

Not enough votes

Best: Film festival

Not enough votes

Best: Festival

Tres de noviembre Cuenca Independence

Best: Family outing

Not enough votes

Best: Ecuadorian tradition

New Years Eve burning manigotes

Best: Day trip


Best: Concert of the year

Symphonica de Cuenca de Navidad

Best: Christmas tradition

Paseo del Nino parade

Best: Charity event

Helping Kids in Ecuador - helpingkidsinecuador.org

Best: Family Activity

Not enough votes

Best: Art gallery

IdiomArt, Presidente Cordova 1-77, studio@idiomart.net

Best: American Football

Common Grounds Restaurat and Bar

Best Home Delivery Service

Double D's Delights, Agustin Cueva 3-56 y Honorato Loyola #201, 096 802 2545

Best: Vegetarian

Good Affinity

Best: Unique Dining with Great Food

Le Petit Jardin, Calle de las Brevas San Miguel de Putushi, Cuenca

Best: Sushi

Origami. Calle Larga y Benigno Malo

Best: Sports bar

Common Grounds Sports Bar and Grill

Best: Smoked Products

Kings Smokehouse San Sebastian Park

Best: Seafood

El Capitan, Tomas Ordonez 6-76, 099 688 9993

Best: Place to buy healthy food

Tienda Nectar

Best: Pizza (local or chain)

Tutto Matto Pizzeria, Solano Avenue

Best: Organic Dairy Products

Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net

Best: Outdoor dining

Cafe de Museo - 3 de Noviembre

Best: New restaurant

Not enough votes

Best: Raw Milk

Not enough votes

Best: Mexican

La Taqueria Restaurante Imbudura y Remigio Crespo

Best: International food

Le Petit Jardin, Calle de las Brevas San Miguel de Putushi, Cuenca

Best: Italian

Mangiare Bene, Estévez de Toral, (07) 282-6233

Best: Hot dog

The Pub

Best: Health food restaurant

Good Affinity

Best: Happy hour

Common Grounds

Best: French Food

Le Petit Jardin, 096 819 1518, lepetitjardinecuador@outlook.com, Calle de las Brevas/San igual de Putushi

Best: Frozen yogurt or ice cream

Tutto Freddo

Best: Fried chicken

Joes' Secret Garden

Best: Fine dining

Le Petit Jardin, 096 819 1518, lepetitjardinecuador@outlook.com, Calle de las Brevas/San igual de Putushi

Best: Fresh Produce


Best: Fresh Eggs

Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net

Best: Fresh Chickens

Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net

Best: Ecuadorian food

Raymipampa, Benigno Malo

Best: Dinner with entertainment

Joes' Secret Garden

Best: Dessert

Double D’s Delights

Best: Deli

Ital Deli

Best Chocolate

Dikaty Candies

Best: Craft Beers

The Pub. Miguel Cordero Davila 1-104 y Francisco Moscoso, 098 332 7839

Best: Cooking classes

Alianza Francesa with Marc Dulin the French chef

Best: Colombian restaurant

Moliendo Café - Honorato Vasquez

Best: Coffeehouse

Cafe Nucallata, Hermano Miguel

Best: Candy store

Dikaty Chocolates

Best: Burger (local or chain)

Black Angus, Gonzalo Cordero Dávila 1 53

Best: Butchered Pork

Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net

Best: Butcher

King Smokehouse. Coronel Talbot across from Parque San Sebas. felixkingsmokehouse@gmail.com

Best: Breakfast

Sunrise Cafe, Calle Larga 9-40, 099 297 5788

Best: Bagels

Matthew's Bagels - Avenida de las Americas

Best: Barbecue

Joes' Secret Garden email: eat@joessecretgarden.com www.joessecretgarden,com

Best: Bar

Inca Bar

Best: Bakery

Matthew's Bagel Shop

Best: Asian

Thai Connection, Honorato Vásquez 6-39 Y Hermano Miguel, 098 704 6607

Best: History Class

Martha Mays, RIP

Best: Yoga class

RumiSol Yoga

Best: Visa Facilitator

Visa Angels, visaangels@gmail.com

Best: Best Realtor

Ashley Rogers - Ecuador At Your Service

Best: Spanish Teacher

Ana Luisa Alvarracin Cabrera, analuisaspanishclass@gmail.com, 099 835 8680

Best: Spanish school

Ana luisa Spanish School

Best: Shipping company (Containers)

Relocation Services Ecuador, Paul Wilches

Best: Pet Sitter

Not enough votes

Best: Plant nursery

Juana Ugalde nursery

Best: Place to buy a special gift

La Yunta

Best: Photographer

Gabriel Art, on Facebook and University Photography Instructor

Best: Pet Store

La Mia Mascota, Plaza de las Americas

Best: Pet groomer

Caty Carrasco 099 846 0990

Best: Personal trainer

Nico Lukin, PhysioGym

Best: Mental Health Therapist

Not enough votes

Best: Mover (Local)

Sebastian Espinoza

Best: Men’s fashions

Not enough votes

Best: Pet Shop

La Mia Mascota, Plaza de las Americas

Best: Private club

Sharks Club, Pool Legue, Miguel Morocho y Jose Astudillo

Best: Rose Delivery Service

Rosa Linda, Cuenca - linda2017rosa@gmail.com

Best: Reflexology

Rob’s Reflexology - Robert Lumpkin

Best: Driver and Tour Guide

Nestor Reinoso

Best: Massage therapist

Cameron Kayce, Cuenca, 099 987 4417

Best: Martial arts studio

Not enough votes

Best: Mani/pedi place

Not enough votes

Best: Local Media


Best: Local market

Feria Libre

Best: Liquor store

La Taberna

Best: Laundromat

Not enough votes

Best: Landscaper

Leonardo Loja: 096 904 8247

Best: Kitchen supply store


Best: Technology Specialist

Tony Bishop; El Centro. info@dernachtwind.net 098-026-5238

Best: Tour Guide

Orlando Siguenza orlando_siguenza@yahoo.com +593 98 585 4587

Best: Tour Company

Polylepis Tours, Hermano Miguel 435 Cuenca 0985116721

Best: Jeweler

Not enough votes

Best: Home Healthcare Provider

VIP Home healthcare of Cuenca

Best: Home Improvement/Repair Service

Emilio Morocho

Best: Hotel Guayquil

Wyndham Guayaquil

Best: Hotel Quito


Best: Hotel Cuenca

Hotel Oro Verde

Best: Health care facility

Hospital del Rio

Best: Hairdresser

Lee's Hair Salon, Solano 8-51 y Alfonso Moreno, 0968921026

Best: Hardware store


Best: Handyman

Emilio Morocho, Calle Canton Saraguro Y Manuel Arturo Cisneros: emiliodriver@hotmail.com

Best: Gym

Fox Gym Fitness Center

Best: Grocery store


Best: Furniture store


Best: Florist

Not enough votes

Best: Event venuz

Not enough votes

Best: Dog Walker

not enough votes

Best: Dog trainer

Alex Flores

Best: Doctor

Dr. Anthony Guillen. Crespo y Americas. 0995398105. dr_aguillen@yahoo.comAustro

Best: Biological Dentist

Dra. Monica Villavicencio, 099 986 4028, bioagebiodental@gmail.com

Best: Dentist

Dra. Grace Ordonez

Best: Computer repair

TIE: Alex Mejia. Calle Miguel Angel Estrella, 099 289 3125 and Tony Bishop; El Centro; info@dernachtwind.net; 098 026 5238

Best: Cleaning company


Best: Charity

Hogar de Esperanza

Best: Car rental company

Cuenca Car Share. Emilio Morocho. cuencacarshare@gmail.com Calle Canton Saraguro y Manuel Arturo Cisneros 098 699 5694

Best: Car rental company

Cuenca Car Share. Emilio Morocho. cuencacarshare@gmail.com Calle Canton Saraguro y Manuel Arturo Cisneros 098 699 5694

Best: Best Butchered Beef

Nunkui, Feria Amazonica, Baltazara, next to Mujeres con Exito, Amazon organic beef

Best: Bookstore

Carolina Bookstore

Best: Bed and breakfast

Casa Ordóñez

Best: Bank

JEP Cooperativa

Best Bed and breakfast

Casa Ordóñez

Best: Attorney

Sara Chaca 099-296-2065

Best: Artesan

Not enough votes

Best: Appliance store

Chordeleg Appliances 07-282-1587 Simon Bolivar

Best: Essential oil company

Young Living