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Coffee Club Spanish

Address: Casa Asvoria (Plaza Otorongo)
Phone: 072840220 / 0998062331
Email: info@coffeeclubspanish.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cuencacoffeeclubspanish/
Website: www.coffeeclubspanish.com

We use a method called Comprehensible Input. With this program, the emphasis is on assimilating Spanish in the right side of the brain, where we produce speech, instead of focusing on simply understanding the language with the left side of the brain, which is the more analytical side of the brain. The theory behind the method is that foreign language learners will learn a language more quickly, effectively, and with less stress if they are taught through understandable input, much like a child learns a language, rather than only through grammatical instruction. We do this through incorporating vocabulary and correct usage in the context of interactive and comprehensible activities and stories, instead of learning lists of verb conjugations. All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, who have been trained in the method, and do a great job at fascilitating a fun, informational, and interactive class experience.

Belen Rodas: spanishcoffeeclub@gmail.com