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Carolina Smokehouse

Address: 8-26 Coronel Talbot
Phone: 0979070470
Email: tocinoec@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=carolina%20smokehouse
Website: www.baconinparadise.com

We would love to welcome you to Bacon in Paradise. It's a great place to be. Our amazing bacon is hand cured, aged and smoked. Absolutely delicious. Sausage (hand ground and seasoned with herbs from our garden) is available in mild sage or nice and spicy. For your seasoning and salads we have bacon bits and pieces. We also carry a variety of international style bacons, including Canadian, Prosciutto, and shaved Ham ready to eat for your convenience. Carolina Smokehouse is your one-stop shop for everything smoky and delicious. Our meats are hand selected, hand cut and fresh every week. Don't forget your Sauerkraut and Salsa when you stop by. Also, enjoy our fabulous Brownie mix, Biscuit and Pancake Mixes as well as Sal Marina (straight from the Pacific Ocean -cleaned and hand ground). Our Honey and Coffee are the best. All of our products are natural with no added chemicals or preservatives. Food like it used to be and should be. If you would like to order or have any questions, please call. We know that our products are the best you will ever have. Free delivery on orders of $20.00 on Wednesdays. Don’t forget the Barbeque. Yes! Now we offer a variety of soups and sandwiches by the Smokehouse in-house Chef Julius Torriga.

Felix Salinas: tocinoec@gmail.com