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Gran Roca

Address: Yunguilla Valley, one hour west of Cuenca
Phone: Please use Email
Email: info@granroca.net
Website: www.granroca.net

Gran Roca is a sustainable permaculture farm in the warm subtropical Yunguilla Valley about an hour west of Cuenca. We grow dozens of the best tasting varieties of heirloom vegetables and fruits not available anywhere else. We also raise all of our animals on pasture whose products include the finest quality beef, pork, chicken, duck, eggs and milk.

We currently offer pick-up and delivery services on Monday afternoons in Cuenca, and pick-ups directly from the farm on Thursday afternoons. We send out a Weekly Newsletter with an order form on Saturday mornings for customer orders for the following Monday and Thursday. You can go to our website and use the “Newsletter” tab to receive our Weekly Newsletter.

Our fruits and vegetables are picked in the morning for customers to receive in the afternoon only a few hours old. All of our animal products are processed on our farm in our commercial kitchen. Our chickens and ducks are also processed in the morning and our cows are milked and bottled in the morning for you to receive in the afternoon. “It’s like living on a farm without the work.”

Rob Gray: robbgray@aol.com